Julia Kalinkina

Julia Kalinkina

General info
Visual Designer
Joensuu, Finland
I'm 33 year visual designer from Finland. I am currently studying at a Creative Design Management Degree in Turku University of Applied Sciences.

I have multiple years of work experience in graphic design and I have been engaged in various projects both as a creative entrepreneur and in-house visual designer. I posses plenty of experience in print and digital media creating holistic brand experiences for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises. I have been engaged in a range of projects in a number of industries starting from cosmetology to IT industry and restaurant business. This has resulted in building a strong portfolio that consists of a Brand Identity design and web design cases, as well as various examples of marketing materials.

I am focusing on creating comprehensive brand experience and make sure the brand brings out the message clearly and communicates with potential consumers throughout digital and print medium. As a designer I have been always trying to look at the task a deeper scale, focusing foremost at understanding customers' needs in order of creating unique customer experiences.

I have have been recognized as an ambitious, reliable, and dedicated individual who can work independently as well as a strong team-player successfully solving problems and finding creative solutions: working in a team brings up the best character features in me. Moreover I am continuously working on broadening my skillset as a creative specialist.

Originating from Russia, I have been studying in multi-cultural background. I speak Russian, English and Finnish language. I wish to interact and ready to showcase my best skills. :)
Joensuu, Finland
Jun 2012 - Present
Graphic and Spatial Designer
Fodesco Oy
Design of exhibition stand for the International Fair Alihankinta held in Tampere, Finland,
catalog design of the production, business card design
Joensuu, Finland
Nov 2017 - Present
Freelance graphic and interior designer
At the moment I work as a freelance interior and graphic designer, mastering knowledge base and skills. I am continuously learning and always ready to obtain new area of expertise.
Joensuu, Finland
Sep 2009 - Dec 2013
Bachelor of Culture and Arts
Karelia University of Applied Sciences
My specialty is versatile. Originally studying industrial design as a main subject, I have been also very interested in graphic, product design and interior and. Besides, I have a background in business, which makes me acknowledged about the aspects of marketing when creating personal identity for a company.
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